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Welcome to the link between the two generations of Bakugan. 5 teams going at it for control of Vestroia and earth, proving themselves as being the Ultimate Controllers of Man and Beast. Prepare to answer the call to brawl!
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PLEASE MAKE YOUR BRAWLING PROFILES!!! If you do not know how to please go to Bakugan Statistics and Strategy Corner and Go to the Sticky: How to Create a Brawling Profile
AFTER you have made an approved Brawler profile, go look at the Bakugan Termination System Game under the Team Bases. Please go leave a comment saying which Attribute Squad you want to be in.
The ATTRIBUTE TOURNEY'S are OPEN for registration. Please leave a comment in the sign up topic to be registered. YOU MUST HAVE AN APPROVED PROFILE IN ORDER TO BRAWL.


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PostSubject: subterrra gods profile   subterrra gods profile EmptyFri Sep 25, 2009 11:08 pm

Subterra bakugan
Wilda 500gs,Gorem 470gs,rattloid 450gs
,mantris 390gs, wormquake 380 gs
manion 370 gs

darkus bakugan
hydranoid 400gs

pyrus bakugan
dragonoid 400gs

baliton 400gs

Gate cards
Pyrus Reactor, Subterra Reactor, Darkus Reactor

normal ability cards
Ability Counter, 2XVirus, 1X Copycat, Level Down, ShadowScratch, 2X Merge Shield, Wall Burst,
Grand Down, Reverse Blow, Slice Cutter, Boosted Dragon, 2X Marionette, Twin Machete, Mega Impact,
Oregano Revene, Gazer Excedra, Dual Gazer, Firewall, Dimension 4, Double Dimension, Fire Judge, Backfire
Rapid Fire, Earth Power, Ring of Fire, Fire Tornado, Magma Providence, Stealth Flare, Rapid Fire, Grand Down, 2XSpirit Canyon, Spice Slayer, Darkus Gazer Dual, Blinding Spice, X1Fire Grandom, x1 Aero Dragon,
Power Winder, Gun Lock, Power Merge, Twin Back, Fire Tornado, Volcano Hammer, Apollon Head, Clay Wall, Sand Beast, Quick Sand Hole, Molten Rock, Clay Roller, X1 Trick World, X3 Iron Plate, X2 Heavy Assail, X3 Ground Boarding, Darkus Haze,

special abilities
Pyrus Vs. Darkus, Subterra and Aquos Diagonal Relation, Pyrus and Darkus Correlation, Attractor, Aquos and Darkus Correlation, Chaos of the Darkness, Pyrus and Subterra Corrolation, Desert Hole, X2 Shock Down, Ground Detonator, Fire Shield,

gate abilities
Quartet Battle, Quicksand Freeze, Triple Battle, Sling Blazer, Revive, Scape Goat, Reloaded, Grand Spirit, Additional Task, Subterra Hazard, Transform,

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PostSubject: Re: subterrra gods profile   subterrra gods profile EmptyFri Sep 25, 2009 11:19 pm

Okay well, the Bakugan are all set. You need traps. Also, I know your copy/paste option isn't working but try to find a computer in which it does work so you can copy an paste the card descriptions, because we need those on here. Also, you need to divide your cards into Gate Cards, Normal Ability Cards, Gate Ability Cards, Special Ability Cards, Fusion Ability Cards and Chaos Ability cards. They are shown on the big giant list you got the names from, just section each card correctly and try to get the card descriptions...... otherwise you profile is all set, just those few things...
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PostSubject: Bakugan Noua Vestroia   subterrra gods profile EmptySun Jun 06, 2010 7:05 am

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