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Welcome to the link between the two generations of Bakugan. 5 teams going at it for control of Vestroia and earth, proving themselves as being the Ultimate Controllers of Man and Beast. Prepare to answer the call to brawl!
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PLEASE MAKE YOUR BRAWLING PROFILES!!! If you do not know how to please go to Bakugan Statistics and Strategy Corner and Go to the Sticky: How to Create a Brawling Profile
AFTER you have made an approved Brawler profile, go look at the Bakugan Termination System Game under the Team Bases. Please go leave a comment saying which Attribute Squad you want to be in.
The ATTRIBUTE TOURNEY'S are OPEN for registration. Please leave a comment in the sign up topic to be registered. YOU MUST HAVE AN APPROVED PROFILE IN ORDER TO BRAWL.


 How to make a Brawler Profile

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PostSubject: How to make a Brawler Profile   How to make a Brawler Profile EmptyThu Nov 12, 2009 9:16 pm

Welcome to Bakugan Generation Portal! We are glad to have you. Your first priority is to make your profile so you can start brawling. Here's a guide to help you in your construction of your brawler profile.

1. First open a four tabs or windows on your Internet browser. Also open a word pad document.

2. On one of your tabs go to this page. Make sure you read this page carefully as you make your profile.

3. On another tab go to this page. There is the ENITRE list of Bakugan from Season 1 to the most recently released Season 3 episode. Make your list of bakugan you wish to have in your word pad document.

4. After you have your list done, Decide which attribute you want. Split your list into the 3 attribute you want. You may have duplicates of bakugan in your profile.

5. Now select the G's of your bakugan. Go to the Bakugan Profile guide and look at the G distribution among the bakugan in your profile. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THAT.

6.Now to choose your cards. Go here Copy and paste the card descriptions onto your word document. Make sure to seperate your different types of cards into different sections. Also mention how many of each card you want. If the description already has a number in front of it, then that is the MAX you can have of that specific card. If the Card description doesn't have a number infront of it, You can have a MAX of 3 of that specific card.

7. Now you have your profile ready to go. All you have to do now is copy and paste it here. Click on the New Topic button and paste your profile onto the big text box there. and then click Send. If it says you post is too long, cut out part of your profile to make it shorter. Then hit send. Under your partially posted profile, click Reply. Then post the rest of your profile. If it says your post is too long again, just repeat the step of cutting part of it out then replying with the rest until it's all under the same topic.

8. Send SpectraCyborgHelios a PM giving the link to your profile and say that you are done. Then wait for myself or another Admin to come and leave a reply saying it is approved and you can then begin brawling. Have Fun!
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How to make a Brawler Profile
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