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Welcome to the link between the two generations of Bakugan. 5 teams going at it for control of Vestroia and earth, proving themselves as being the Ultimate Controllers of Man and Beast. Prepare to answer the call to brawl!
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AUTHOR’S NOTES: Okay, calm down those of you who don’t show up in the first part. I will get to all of you. IF YOU AREN’T IN THE CHARACTERS LIST AND YOU WANT TO BE IN THE FAN FIC IN LATER EPISODES, PLEASE MESSAGE ME. Anyway, This is a little bakugan/bleach mixture. You will see. If you haven’t seen, try to get a quick summary of the first 180 episodes or so and I hope it will make sense.

In New Vestroia, after the Vestals fled, some Vestals and humans were left behind, willingly or unwillingly to fend for themselves against the Bakugan who reside there. Without the bustling cities emitting a wavelength that causes the Bakugan to revert to their spherical forms, the bakugan are free to wander their world, doing whatever they wish to. However, the Vestals and humans that were left behind have been interacting with the Bakugan, making packs that battle each other. There are large “Clans” and “Packs”. A Pack is a small group that has weak members and a weak leader. Clans are large groups who have vicious battlers and a leader. Among the Clans are the Seven Royal Clans of New Vestroia, each with a Vicious Leader, who have been around the Bakugan’s energy for so long, that they have been able to absorb their attributes and even transform their bodies on command. Their normal appearance is humanoid, but their released form becomes a fusion of the clan members. The Seven Royal Clans of New Vestroia each consist of a different type of Bakugan. The Avian Clan, the Warrior Clan, the Insect Clan, the Reptile Clan, the Beast Clan, the Mechanical Clan and the most feared, the Dragon Clan.
These clans are all equal in strength from a distance. Each has a advantage over the others. Each member of a clan has a special technique that the develop. There are three levels to attacks. Zanpaktou (Zan -pak-toe) is the first level,, which consists of just the bakugan’s physical form. The second level is Senkei a physical transformation of the Zanpaktou level. This level usually has a slight transformation that increases some techniques already mastered. For example, a punch might become more powerful or the armor might become thicker making it harder to hurt the bakugan.. The third level, which is obtained by few is Bankai. This level usually results in a total transformation with new weapons, techniques and strength. Usually the leader of the Seven Royal Clans of New Vestroia are the only ones to develop their Bankai’s to full strength. When Bankai is used on an opponent, the opponent rarely lives. If they somehow do usually a limb is removed or serious wounds are dealt.
Regardless, these Clans have each been clashing with each other, nearly breaking out into war. Most disputes are minor and dealt with among themselves. War has not occurred as of yet however. The Clans have been showing signs of war preparations as of lately though. Here, is where our story begins. Let’s take a look into the Warrior Clans preparations.

Sculpted from their blades and lances, the Warrior Clan’s base is a giant castle carved from the side of a mountainside. This mountain has special properties that are still being revealed. First, a blade can cut through it with ease, yet a harsh blow from a catapult of thrown object are nearly impervious to it. This castle is called Terra. On the inside is a barracks, a battle room, a training ground, an armory, and a Throne Room for the Warrior Leader, Ingram. Ingram is an experienced warrior who is quiet and likes to observe a situation before acting. In the battlefield, Ingram is often times seen in a tree observing the battlefield and it’s movements in order to calculate a plan. Ingram is very kind to his subordinates, yet he is ruthless is battle. He doesn’t like to defeat his opponent when they are not at their best. He more or less test the opponents skill before he delivers the final blow to an opponent, a sort of teasing battle tactic. Ingram lives and believes in the Way of the Warrior which is similar to the Code of the Samurai. Ingram’s battle experience is immense, sparring with his friends since 6 years old. Ingram is called “The Warrior with Endless Weapons”.
Lieutenant Nemus: Well, what are we going to do? This CANNOT go unpunished.
Captain Seige: What can we do? They are encroaching on our territory. They fly above us, we have a hard time attacking them.
General Clayf: Even I, in my large released form cannot reach them. Our weapons are too small and cannot reach them to do some serious damage. They also move too fast. How can we hurt them? They dodge and strike in weak points on us.

*Disputing among the Generals, Captains, and Lieutenants*
*Click of a shoe in the large Meeting Room*
*The disputing silenced abruptly at the noise*
*Further footsteps coming down the hallway that leads the meeting room*
*Ingram steps from the shadows eyes closed with a satisfied smirk on his face*

Grand Warrior Ingram: “Are you so sure we are helpless. You my highest ranking officers cannot think of anything to defeat them?”
Lieutenant Nemus: I am sorry Grand Warrior Ingram, but we have observed them and cannot think of a tactic to damage them lend alone defeat them.”
Grand Warrior Ingram: *Upset look* “I am just as frustrated as you. However, among all you highly ranked Warriors and YOU CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING?!?!?!”
*Wincing among the Generals, Lieutenants and Captains in the room at Ingram‘s yelling and scolding*
Grand Warrior Ingram: “It’s fine”
*Confused looks among the officers*
Grand Warrior Ingram: “…..Because I have an idea.” *Evil smirk takes over Ingrams face as he points his thumb toward his chest.*

Deep in the forests hills, the ground vibrates and shakes with the noises of vicious beings, the Beast Clan. This clan’s base is only seen by those who are beasts. Only the intelligence of the raw world can be picked up by beings with instinct. The base was dug by the paws of it’s members and made as a series of tunnels and rooms. Inside this base is sleeping quarters, an armory, a meeting room and a throne room for the Beast Clan’s leader, Beast King Dark1. Dark1’s fighting style is not an individual effort. Dark1 fights by using the strength in numbers tactic. Dark1 has developed a fighting style from his dreams. He saw his ancestors fighting and saw their strategies as genius so he adopted them in his battle tactics. Dark1 became leader by being the strongest fighter in the Clan. He defeated the old leader to take over. Dark1 is a very observant beast, however he is ruthless to those who don’t see the same way as him. Anyone who disagrees often gets a claw slashed across their face or a fang sliced through their hides. Dark1 is known as the “:White Fanged Devil”.

Captain Tigrerra: *Roar* “SILENCE!!!!”
Lieutenant Hynoid: “What will we do? If we want to get their land how will we approach attacking them? I suggest a surprise attack.”
General Centaurier: *stomps on the ground*“That won’t work you imbecile, they sense the vibrations, they would easily sense our approach. They also have a well built escape system. They have many tunnels that they change in order to keep a well planned invasion at bay. They are not idiots in their defense.”

*Growling, Roaring and shouting break out in the meeting room*
*A being in the darkness of the corner slowly wakens, scans the room with his red eyes, sitting in a Indian style position*
*The being got up, put his hand against the solid stone wall, and roared such a road that made the room shake and a few stones and dirt falls from the ceiling, while slashing the stone, making the claw marks glow bright white and fade to silver*

Beast King Dark1: *Roar* “ENOUGH!!!!!!” *Red eyes scan every face in the room with an upset glare*
*All beasts in the room bend one leg under their torso and lean backward, resulting in a bow*
Beast King Dark1: “Will you all think about their base’s location? Also, take into consideration our abilities. We can do one thing that a few other Clans cannot do well.”
Captain Anchorsaur: “Well, what do you suggest Dark1? Our ‘great leader’ should lead us in this time of war”
Beast King Dark1: “What did you just say Anchorsaur? *Growls and tenses up bearing teeth*
Captain Anchorsaur: “I said that our leader is a weakling and can’t make a plan to invade another’s territory”
*A flash and clip, the sound of ripping flesh*
Beast King Dark1: “Do you still think I am weak, Anchorsaur?”
*A stream of blood drips down Anchorsaurs forehead running into his eyes.*
Captain Anchorsaur: “I am sorry Beast King, *gasping for breath* I think we are all frustrated with our *gasp* failed strategies.”
Beast King Dark1: “A strong beast is one that doesn’t fear an enemy or failure, they go with gut instinct. I had a dream last night. I have a feeling this dream was a breakthrough to take over those weak bakugan dwelling in solitude.” *Smirks with blood stained fangs* “I think this will be the most ingenious lan we have ever concocted.” *Laughs maniacally*

A sky base, the Avian Fortress. This base is hidden in the trees high and out of sight. The Avian Clan gathered materials left over from the Vestals colonization in New Vestroia. After the materials were gathered the birds flew around and assembled the base in nearly no time at all. In the base, they have a wind tunnel top practice picking up and controlling flights at high speeds, an armory and a throne room. All this advance of the birds was lead by the Sky Empress Draco. Draco’s speed is immense. She rushes into battle, throwing all of her power at the opponent at once, leaving them little time to observe her weakness, if she has any. Draco is very caring for all of their companions but is ticked ff very easily and is ruthless to her opponent’s who are standing in the ways of what she wants. Draco is also known as “The Black Flash”.


General Storm Skyress: “How can we take down those irrational fools. They take what isn’t theirs. We can’t even see find their hideout. They are too crafty for us to find it easily.”
Lieutenant Herradie: “Well we are stronger, why couldn’t we. I bet one of the other Clans knows their location. Maybe we could ‘negotiate’ an exchange of information about the whereabouts of those idiot’s hideout.”
Captain Oberus: “What do you mean by ‘negotiation‘ Herradie?”
Lieutenant Herradie: “I mean we beat them up and beat the information out of them.”
General Storm Skyress: “Why would we do that to a Clan that hasn’t harmed us? They wouldn’t tell us information if we be rash and harsh to them Herradie.”
Lieutenant Herradie: “Well, then what does the almighty Storm Skyress think we should do?”

*Disputes and arguments break out amongst the officers*
* Quick black flashes appear on the walls of the room each a second after the other.*
*Everyone silences and glances around, each catching a black flash on one of the walls*
*The flashes stop, then 5 seconds later, the lights in the room go black. The Officers all become hectic*
* A second later one light turns on sending a spotlight to the center of the room.*
*A black flash appears in the spotlight and there stand Sky Empress Draco*

Sky Empress Draco: “ Herradie has a point about knowing that another Clan knows the location of their base. However, the way to go about it Herradie suggested has too many flaws. We could attacked and taken down, some of us could be captured. Or, even if that plan did succeed and we do get information, who’s to say it is true? It is too risky.”
General Herradie: “Well then, Might Draco, what do YOU think we should do? If you are so mighty, you should tell us how to get back at those trespassers.”
Sky Empress Draco: “Herradie, will you ever learn to lay off your cockiness? Here is how we will do this. Herradie did have a point about another clan knowing the whereabouts of that clan. So we should try to get the location from them. Not all of the other Clans hate ours. How about we propose that we team up and take down those fools. Let’s just hope that we can find a clan that hates them as much as we do.” *Gives a hopeful look to the officers in the room*

In the rainforests of New Vestroia, buzzes a clan so mysterious that no being that isn’t a member has entered this clan’s base and lived. However, only one clan besides the Insect Clan knows where it is located. The Insect Clan is as deadly as it is mysterious. The Insect clans immense diversity and number of members makes it a threat to all other clans. The base, a giant hive. However, the base is inside a rock pillar with a giant Redwood tree hybrid growing ontop. This base is hard to destroy because it is held together by the roots of the tree and sturdy because of the rock it is made of. The leader of the Clan’s ingenuity and choice of real-estate was Hive King Itachi. Itachi is quiet, but he is powerful and direct on the battlefield. He uses his strength on the battlefield. He doesn’t like using surprise tactics or strategies. He goes into battle knowing full well he is going head on and direct. He wants the opponent at their best. He wants to defeat their full power in order to feel he truly is better, not weakening the opponent by taking them by surprise of making them do a move that weakens them. Itachi is known as “


General Centipoid: “How can we stop them? I don’t see how we can stop them. It’s hopeless.”
Lieutenant Falcon Fly: “Don’t say that. There’s always a way. Couldn’t we ask one of the clans for help?”
Captain Stinglash: “Not many clans like us, we are the Clan that hasn’t proven their strength yet. Not many clans will be willing to help an ally that hasn’t had much battle experience.”
Lieutenant Monarus: “That’s true, but who likes us? As far as I know, all the clans think we are trash.”
General Centipoid: “Don’t say that, we can’t be sure unless we ask.”
Captain Monarus: “It’s hopeless, no one likes us. Why are we even considered one of the Sevel Royal Clans of New Vestroia?”

*An Earthquake begins to occur in the room.*
*Cracks begin to appear in the center of the room and the ground seems to explode*
*Hive King Itachi erupted from the ground and stood there in the middle of the room.*
*Looks as Captain Monaurs with disgust and starts towards him*

Hive King Itachi: “ ……Because…….”
*Punches Monarus in the stomach*
Hive King Itachi: “…….We…….”
*Knees Monarus in the face while he is falling forward from the blow.*
Hive King Itachi: “ …….Have…..” *Punches Monarus in the face, stomach and arms with each word* “…..Worked……Hard…. To…..Be….Recognized……As….. Powerful….”
*Catches Monarus by top of one wing*
Hive King Itachi: “If you don’t think we are strong, you can get LOST” *On the word “lost” Itachi threw Monarus in a wall at the far side of the room.*
Hive King Itachi: *Turns around to face the rest of the officers* “If any of you think we aren’t strong or capable of fighting any of the other clans I don’t want you in this Clan.”

*The officer’s just stare at Itachi, mouth agape and eyes wide open, motionless”

Hive King Itachi: “Good…. Now, I admit we will need help. I have an old friend who may be willing to help us. Him and his Clan.” *Smiles a wide evil smile and glances over his shoulder at where Monarus lay against the floor.*

Hive King Itachi: “Alright, lets go help Monarus.”

Deep in the swamps of Vestroia’s forests lies the Reptilian Clan. This clan has a fortress of underwater and underground tunnels and rooms. This base has the most ingenious make-up and composition. The series of underwater and underground tunnels make it nearly impossible to sneak up. Plus, the reptiles have advanced the water around them to sense vibrations in the water and trigger an alarm. This bases is surrounded by a “moat”. The underground part being in the middle and that ground surrounded by water. The water like a giant alarm. This plan was hatched by the reptile leader, Serpent Lord Faza. Faza’s battle style is the most unpredictable of them all. His strength is average and his speed lightly slower than average. What is above average about him is his eyesight and aim is impeccable. In his released form, he is rumored to have pinned a mosquito to a tree 300 yards away without killing it. His sharp eyesight gives his the opportunity to hit an enemy’s weak square inch of defense. However, doesn’t win in battle easily because his tactical skills aren’t anything special. He has remained leader because of his skill and also his care of subordinates, but be warned, he doesn’t take back talk or disobedience lightly. Faza is also known as “The Sharp-sighted Snake”


Captain Elico: “*Growl* Those fools make me sick. Obviously they aren’t worth keeping alive. They are snacks for beings like us. I say we just walk in and attack them head on. They will be crushed like the rats they are.”
General Frosch: “Don’t be so sure… They might team up to hold us off.”
Lieutenant Percival: “Well will we just sit here and watch their movements?….I think not.”
Captain Elico: “It’s nature, we defeat them to make us survive, what else are we supposed to do, go against nature?”

*Grumbling and arguments break out amongst the Reptiles*
*A Pillar slowly rises from the center of the room*
*No one notices the pillar*
*A being stirs on top of the pillar*
*A loud hiss is sounded*
*The room goes silent staring at the top of the pillar*

Serpent Lord Faza: “Elico…..think about what you just said. By nature, who eats lizards and snakes?”
Captain Elico: “Ummm…. Beasts I think.”
Serpent Lord Faza: “Correct. And tell me… Have they attacked us yet?”
Captain Elico: “Umm… No, not yet.”
Seprent Lord Faza: “Then why should we go attacking our enemies just on the fact of nature?”
Captain Elico: “I am not sure Faza.”
Serpent Lord Faza: “Then we will not do it, until they start the battle first.”
General Frosch: “*Gets a whisper in his ear from a subordinate* Umm.. Faza, That may be sooner than you think. I just got word that one of our soldiers intercepted a message en route to their hideout with an acceptance message to team up with the Warriors Clan.”
Serpent Lord Faza: “ What?! Okay, then I am glad I thought ahead. I have a team up of my own in the works….” *smiles and begins to walk away, leaving his officers in confusion*

During the colonization of New Vestroia by the Vestals, a few bakugan managed to escape after they were created. They all traveled together as a group until they met one brawler who was practicing with another mechanical bakugan. The escaped bakugan thought that since another Mechanical bakugan was taking orders from a human, that she must be a good leader. So, the group approached the new leader with their proposal of making a clan of their own. The brawler accepted. Together the group traveled all over Vestroia looking for materials and a good place for a base. They eventually found a good spot on a giant stone cliff. Together The leader and her new Mechanical Clan of Bakugan used their powers to built launching tunnels and training grounds inside the giant stone cliff, made mostly of Granite and Lead. This makes the defense very well constructed. While building they realized that this stone was part of an extinct volcano, and that lava still ran through the lowest rooms of the base. They later began using this lava to super heat metal to fix damage and make equipable weapons for the Clan members. The Leader of the mechanical Clan is Mechanical Master Nagupod. Nagupod’s skill in machinery in unmatched. Nagupod was a reseracher and builder for Price Hydron and King Zenoheld after she was banished for being caught sneaking copies of Mechanical Bakugan plans out of the lab, where they are supposed to stay at all times. However, Nagupod had already obtained a copy of at least half of the mechanical Bakugan that Prince Hydron was ready to create or had already created. Nagupod’s intelligence of machinery makes her battling style very direct, she knows what her bakugan are and aren’t capable of and doesn’t push them to the limits of breaking. So, Nagupod resorts to strategies very quickly in a battle when her opponent is stronger then her. However, Nagupod is very crafty with strategies, often times making the opponent make moves. She backs them into a corner, and slowly pushes them farther into corners until she gets the opponent in a corner they cannot escape. Nagupod is said to be very kind to her subordinates, like they are actual living things and not just metal and circuits, but she is out to kill on the battlefield. Many say she is a different person in battle because of her cruelty she shows the enemy, often nearly killing the bakugan that face her, but shows mercy to those who fought hard. Nagupod is also known as “The Whirring Demon”.


Captain Robotallian: “There’s no one who can stand in our way, our army of machines are the strongest Bakugan ever made. No one can stand in our way.”
Lieutenant Hades: “Well, we aren’t a very old clan, the second youngest Clan. We haven’t really been able to test our strength in battle. We have been able to show the world about our power during the Vestals time in New Vestroia.”
General Farbros: “ However, us mechanical bakugan need maintenance often, so long term battles is sometimes out of the cards. We cannot battle for long periods of time. So, we can’t say we are the strongest as of yet.”
Captain Robotallian: “Are you kidding?!?!? We ARE the best bakugan EVER made. We can take bakugan down twice maybe evern three times our size and you are saying we ‘may not be the most powerful’!!!”

*Disputes continue between the two sides of the ‘”power table“*
*A hole opens in the middle of the room’s ceiling*
*A Metal pillar rises from the floor with a staircase winding around its outside to lead to the ground*
*A loud Whirring is hear coming from the center of the hole*
*Slowly Nagupod descends from inside the hole, levitating on a metal board and steps onto the metal pillar*
*The board folds into a small round disc the side of a CD, Nagupod tucks this disc away inside her jacket*

Mechanical Master Nagupod: “General Farbros has a good point. You machines are a bit of a problem to keep up with, maintenance wise. We should approach battle with caution. I think for our first battles we should go in with backup. After that battle is done we will have the answer to whether we can last in battle very long..”
General Farbros: “Good plan Master but, which Clan would support us in our efforts. Also who would we battle against to test our strength?”
Mechanical Master Nagupod: “All very good questions. First, I have a clan in mind who might support our efforts, especially when I propose an idea I have in mind. The plan will just need some fine tuning and testing.”
Lieutenant Hades: “*Whispering* Wha?… are you sure?…Alright then..*Loud speaking It seems that there has been movements in all the other clans except for us and one other. This might be a good time to try your plan our Master.”
Mechanical Master Nagupod: “Very well then. I will set the gears in motion. If battle will start between two clans we should be able to defend the losing one and win with our soon-to-be backup and master plan. Then the saved Clan will be grateful to us. I see that this clan could be another backup for us in later battles. This plan might just be useful.” *Laughs evilly making the lights flicker*

In the mountains of New Vestroia, roaring and growls echo throughout the valleys. Giant beings fly through the clouds and fog making swirls of movement. These beings can move at lightning fast speeds and are some of the strongest and most agile beings in New Vestroia. The base of the Dragon Clan is located on a series mountain tops. The Base runs along the inside and on the mountains making a fortress know one sees. Inside the Base is an armory, a barracks and training rooms. Also, inside lies the Leaders throne room. The Leader of the Dragon Clan is Dragon Master Spectra. Spectra is a very witty, ingenious, ruthless and intelligent. He battles by using all his power but yet makes his opponent move the way he wants, making them walk right into Spectra’s trap. For this reason is why Spectra is leader, because he is hard to beat and outsmart. Spectra is also known as “The Crimson Black Death Fang”


Lieutenant Helios: “Well, we are in a time of peace and tranquility among Dragons. There’s no current threat to us. However, we should not let ourselves grow lazy and weak. We have to get stronger. The other clans are doing the same.”
Captain Drago: “Agreed, well thought Helios. We should practice combat strategies.”
General Hydranoid: “Drago, we are already better then the other clans at battle strategies. Shouldn’t we try to get stronger or evolve our attacks to more powerful and focused? That will help us more than anything.”
Lieutenant Helios: “I agree with Hydranoid. More focused and precise attacks will benefit us at this point. We need to hit our next enemy with everything we’ve got, that includes new attacks. Those new attacks can lead to new battle strategies as well.”
Captain Drago: “Alright it seems that’s all we have to discuss then…”

*In the Silence, a gentle set of footsteps is heard, then a flap of wings….*
*Spectra flies into the room on black and red wings… and lands in the middle of the room, on the middle og the dragon bone table*
*Wings dissolve into the air*

Dragon Master Spectra: “Is that really ALL we have to discuss?”
Lieutenant Helios: “I believe so Master.”
Dragon Master Spectra: “I believe that you are correct in your assumption that we need to get stronger attacks and give our opponent’s something that hasn’t been seen before. We need to develop skills never seen before, we need to develop new bakugan no one has seen before. I believe I know a way to make that possible.
Captain Drago: “New Bakugan?!?!?! Are you serious? We can’t make new Bakugan they have to be born naturally that way.”
Dragon Master Spectra: “ Oh, I assure you that this will require no new births. For now, I want all of your training to be done double the power.”
All Officers: “Yes, sir!”
Dragon Master Spectra: “Once my plan is put into motion and testing begins, we will have NOTHING to fear. We will be the most feared. After I am through only 1 Royal Clan will stand victorious.”
*Evil Laugh* HA HA HA HA HA HA……. (Echos and fades off into the Fortresses walls.)
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Part 2


Grand Warrior Ingram: “Alright now that my plan has been put into action, we just need the time to get my ‘weapon’ working.”
Notification System: “Incoming Message Grand Master.”
Grand Master Ingram: “ I accept the message, Display on screen.”
*A Screen slowly drops down from the ceiling, the border of the screen is lined with A bow, a spear, a sword and an arrow. The Screen displays the Insect Clan’s Leader, Itachi.”
Hive King Itachi: “Hello Ingram, oh… I mean… Grand Master Ingram.”*Face looking stern and blank*
Grand Master Ingram: “Itachi? Is that you? ……*Gazes into the screen in disbelief…… It IS you, Itachi!!! ….Hello again old friend. How have you been since we last talked many years ago?”
Hive King Itachi: “I have been well Grand Master Ingram. I…”
Grand Master Ingram:*Interrupting* ” Oh, quit it with the Grand Master stuff, we are friends, I don’t need you to respect me so formally.”
Hive King Itachi: “Uh…. Alright. Ingram. I need your help. I need your alliance with my Clan.”
Grand Master Ingram: “ YOUR Clan. You are the leader of a clan Itachi? Which one, knowing you it must be one of the Royal Clans.”
Hive King Itachi: “It is. The Insect Clan.”
Grand Master Ingram: “Oh… I was expecting a more powerful clan….”
Hive King Itachi: “Ingram…. Trust me…We ARE powerful.”
Grand Master Ingram “ I have hardly heard anything about your Clan’s achievements, accomplishments, or anything frankly…”
Hive King Itachi: “ That is why I request your help. We are not sure if we are as powerful as everyone who made us on of the Royal Clans says…. I ask your alliance with us against our most recent foe.”
Grand Master Ingram: “Which is?
Hive King Itachi: “The Reptile Clan.”
Grand Master Ingram: “The Reptile Clan, I have heard they have bee expanding their territory recently.”
Hive King Itachi: “They have. They are taking land from us. No major battle with any of our forts but their borders are approaching one of our most populated bases. In fear of losing soldiers, I ask for help.”
Grand Master Ingram: “From what I know of your clan Itachi, you have the second largest population. Can’t you defeat them yourself?”
Hive king Itachi: “Problem is we are a new clan. We don’t have ANY battle experience. Our soldier are only trained by simulations. The battlefield is unpredictable. We can’t make enough simulations to make them adequate in battle. So I ask for back up. So in battle my soldier have some experience to follow.”
Grand Master Ingram: “Itachi,… how can I say this…We… have enemies f our own. I am not sure that I can stretch my soldiers think enough between fighting both these enemies and still win.”
Hive King Itachi: “Who is your enemy?”
Grand Master Ingram: “Currently the Avian Clan is attacking bands of my soldiers who are scouting and mapmaking. I am planning on developing a plan to take them down, and their fortress.”
Hive King Itachi: “The Avian Clan. I have a plan I thought of long ago that makes my Insect Clan adept to fight them and put up a good fight.”
Grand Master Ingram: “You do? What is your idea?”
Hive King Itachi: “ Does this mean you accept to help me?”
Grand Master Ingram: *Stares into the screen at Itachi’s eyes* “Tell you what. If you help me develop a plan to take down the Avian’s, I’ll help your Clan get some battle experience. Deal?”
Hive Master Itachi: “Deal.”
Grand Master Ingram: “Alright then. Now what’s the plan of yours?”


Sky Empress Draco: “Well , this is problematic. I have a feeling I attacked one too many of the Warrior’s bands of mapmakers….Maybe I should have been a little less rash in attacking them.”
Notification System: “Incoming Message Sky Empress.”
Sky Empress Draco: “Alright, fine. On Screen.”
Serpent Lord Faza: “Hello Draco.”
Sky Empress Draco: “Ahem….”
Serpent Lord Faza: “I mean Sky Empress Draco.*rolls eyes*”
Sky Empress Draco: “If you are coming to ask a favor, then I suggest you respect me.”
Serpent Lord Faza: “I am terribly sorry Sky Empress Draco. Anyway, I do ask for a favor. More than a favor actually. I ask for an alliance.”
Sky Empress Draco: “Ah, I knew it! Who do you want to fight?”
Serpent Lord Faza: “ Actually, I don’t want to fight anyone. I was just widening our borders, which I believe is getting the Insect and Beast Clans very upset with me. You have a fast moving army so, I figure your skills would be well resourced in this situation.”
Sky Empress Draco: “ I have my own enemies to deal with, so go slither back in your hole which you came from.”
*Draco cuts connection with Faza*
Sky Empress Draco: “Hey, I just made a joke. *laughs* Slither back in your hole. Oh I am GOOD”
Notification System: “Incoming Message Sky Empress.”
Sky Empress Draco: “Looks toward the voice on the ceiling* “Again, *sigh* fine, bring it on screen.”
Serpent Lord Faza: “Sky Empress Draco, hold on, before you turn me off again, just listen.”
Sky Empress Draco: “Fine. Talk.”
Serpent Lord Faza: “Okay, here goes. I am asking your help in defeating two enemies, I know the Beast Clan is furious with me, and I know that the Insect clan is getting annoyed, but hasn’t yet declared war.”
Sky Empress Draco: “Yes, so…”
Serpent Lord Faza: “Don’t you want to prove your speed. You could gain a reputation of basically transporting your troops around the world. I know your soldier are trained for high speed travel.”
Sky Empress Draco: “They are, what of it?”
Serpent Lord Faza: “Ifyou can aid me in taking down two clans, that’s more land and power for both of us.”
Sky Empress Draco: “ I don’t need more land, and as for power, I am gaining power by the day. I don’t need your help gaining more.”
Serpent Lord Faza: “Ah, you do need my help.”
Sky Empress Draco: “ I do? How do you figure that?”
Serpent Lord Faza: “Because, first, I intercepted a message that was headed for the Insect Clan from the Warriors, the Warriors mentioned that they have a weapon in mind to defeat you. And Second, The Warriors and Insects are teaming up against you and I’s Clans. We have a better chance of winning if we fight them together. Fighting three ways would waste our resources and energy.”
Sky Empress Draco: “I see your point. Alright then. We will team up. I warn you if you get in my way even once, I will not resist to exterminate your clan.”
Serpent Lord Faza: “ I assure you Draco, I will not get in your way. Alright then, how shall we begin?”

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