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 My new story

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My new story Empty
PostSubject: My new story   My new story EmptyWed Dec 02, 2009 7:48 am

ppl : faza

One day there was a guy faza,he always see spirit but he doesn,t scare .One time there explosion in the city, but it is not an explosion, there was a monster attacking.i run but the monster see me and try to attack me.NO one see the monster.Then,come this girl .She had a sword with her,after that she kill it.

Faza: who who r u?
girl dissapear"

i return home and sleep,after that the girl came

faza: who are you?introduce yourself
girl: it's near
faza: "kick the girl"you came and say it's near what kind of introducing like that
girl: what?! you can see me
faza: sure i can, who are you?
girl: i am a spiritual god
faza: ok,what you do?
girl: (explain at faza)
faza: did you hear that?!
girl: hear what?
faza: that loud but you can't hear it
girl: (i can feel it now) run downstair]
faza: (follow) whats that?!
girl: a hollow
faza: zara!! i need to help her(run to the monster)
monster: (hit me and throw zara)so this is the spirit energy that is so powerful
faza: (run) why you!!!!!!
monster: attack)
girl: (deflect but hurt a lot)
faza: why do you do that?
girl: to safe you(lie down)do you want to safe your family?
faza: y....y....yes
girl: stab this sword at your heart
faza: thank you spirit god(stab)
girl: my name is not spirit god , i am draco
monster: (run and ready to attack with its right hand but broke)what?!
faza: hey you monster ready to die
draco: what happen,i only want to give him half of my power but he take it all.
(monster gone)

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My new story Empty
PostSubject: part 2 : my new story   My new story EmptyWed Dec 02, 2009 8:20 am

(faza wake up)
faza: what a dream....hmmmmmmm(go downstair to eat breakfirst and go school
faza: hey guys (at school)
ventus2: hi
dark1: yo,i heard your house has been attack
faza: yeah
itachi: may i help ?
faza: never mind
draco: hi you are faza right?
faza: you!!
ventus2: you met her faza?
dark1: she is draco a new transfer student
(faza and draco shake hands but faza see a sign at draco hand) [it wrote: tell them your dead
faza: Shocked

[at school roof]

faza: what are you doing here?! and why didn't you go to your place at soul society
draco: i can't because you take all my power,now you will be soul god and you can't re
faza: refuse
draco: what you cant't beacause you fight great last night
faza: it is because for my family, so don't disturb me you ....
draco: so its that way( wear a glove that can take out soul)hey you
faza: huh? what stop!!!(soul out from my body) what my body?!
draco: follow me
kid: help me!!!(running from hollow)
faza: i need to help that kid
draco: you can't cuz if u help him u must be soul god forever
faza: what??! (run and safe the kid)
draco: so r u ready?
faza: no, i safe this kid cuz i want to

draco: its time for me to go at soul society back
captain spectra: hmmm
ingram: hey draco lets go back to soul society and where is your power
draco: brother(brother is spectra)!
itachi: (came) hey let her go
draco: itachi!
itachi fight with ingram)
but itachi lose
ingram: its time for you to dead (almost hit itachi)
faza: hey nice to meet you
they fight but captain spectra help ingram and faza lose)
captain spectra: take draco and leave
faza: my zangpaktu
faza train until he get a new zangpaktou from a old man)
faza go to captain spectra place
faza: i came hear to safe her captain
dissapear and appear beside draco and safe her
faza: itachi take her to safe place
ingram: itachi go
itachi : ok
itachi and ingram run to safety
draco: itachi put me down i need to help faza
itachi: what part of saving our life u don't get it
captain spectra: all of you chase them
all of army: run as fast as they can
faza: (kill them all with getsuga tetsho) no sweat
spectra: (run while pull sword to kill faza)
faza: (block it) i can see your move captain spectra
spectra: admit defeat,! why do you always safe her
faza: the question is why dont you safe her beacause you are her brother
(the fight is a tied)


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My new story Empty
PostSubject: part3: my new story   My new story EmptyWed Dec 02, 2009 9:38 am

spectra: you want to know why! beacause it is against the law
faza: getsuga tetsho!!!!!!!!spectra: you made me mad!! activate bankai

spectra: ahhhhhhhhhh
faza: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ingram: hey draco faza said he owd you a favor
draco: a favor ?
itachi: yes he said that he would not be this strong if you didn,t came
draco: he said that
ingram: yes

ventus2 and dark1 came

ventus2: are you okay faza?
faza: yes a little bit
dark1: ok that's great
faza: what?
dark1: a lots of hollow
faza: run away you two
ventus2: we cannot do that we are your friend
faza: thnx you guys.dark1 go help captain spectra
dark1: roger
spectra: why faza?
faza: i cannot see anyone die anymore
spectra: i will help you
faza: no,you two bring him to safety
two of them: but you?
faza: i will settle this with my hollow mode
dark1: okay lets get moving
ingram: let me help you
faza: okay
ingram: go zangpaktou,roar zamibaru(zangpaktou chang into snake with lots of spike)
faza: great sword
ingram: lets go

(they fight until they died)

while in the forest

itachi: you two
ventus2: itachi hop onn hyumaru
itachi: wow an ice dragon
(faza and ingram appear)

draco: faza!ingram!
itachi: hold her( take ingram and faza)
ingram and faza: (fall down and snap out)

at faza house

faza: what this is my house
itachi: yes
draco: faza, order
faza: lets go you two

captain spectra: aghhh that faza!!! i will kill him

while in the forest beating a hollow

faza: what spectra
spectra: die!!!!!!!!!!!!
faza: (dodge) what is this spectra?! *gasp*

spectra: bankai
faza: so you want to end this,hollow mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spectra: die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
faza: getsuga tetsho!!!!!


(two of them died)

the real character

faza as ichgo kurosaki
spectra as captain kuchiki or byakuya kuchiki
draco as rukia kuchiki
itachi as chad
zara as karin
ventus2 and dark1 as ichigo friend
ingram as renji
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My new story Empty
PostSubject: Re: My new story   My new story EmptyWed Dec 02, 2009 1:32 pm

Is that who you picture me as? Byakuya?!?!?! I see myself more as Torshiro Hitsugaya, I do have a disturbing past and I am quiet. Toshiro has all those things. I am all those things. Anyway, nice story. Except you basically copied the entire first 60 episodes or so of Bleach.
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My new story Empty
PostSubject: re: reply from spectra   My new story EmptyThu Dec 03, 2009 12:05 am

i think you r great being byakuya

serius and great
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My new story Empty
PostSubject: Re: My new story   My new story Empty

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My new story
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