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Welcome to the link between the two generations of Bakugan. 5 teams going at it for control of Vestroia and earth, proving themselves as being the Ultimate Controllers of Man and Beast. Prepare to answer the call to brawl!
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PLEASE MAKE YOUR BRAWLING PROFILES!!! If you do not know how to please go to Bakugan Statistics and Strategy Corner and Go to the Sticky: How to Create a Brawling Profile
AFTER you have made an approved Brawler profile, go look at the Bakugan Termination System Game under the Team Bases. Please go leave a comment saying which Attribute Squad you want to be in.
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 Dan Kuso profile part 1(not done yet but would like to brawl iwth this for now)

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Dan Kuso profile part 1(not done yet but would like to brawl iwth this for now) Empty
PostSubject: Dan Kuso profile part 1(not done yet but would like to brawl iwth this for now)   Dan Kuso profile part 1(not done yet but would like to brawl iwth this for now) EmptySun Apr 10, 2011 11:06 am

1:my att: pyrus,Darkus and ventus
my bakugan:
Darkus Hydranoid
Pyrus Dragonoid
Ventus Skyress
Ventus Harpus
Darkus mantris
Pyrus Neo dragonoid
Ventus Ingram
Darkus Hades
Pyrus Griffin
Darkus Reaper
Ventus Falconeer
pyrus Centipoid
pyrus Manion
pyrus Terraclaw
pyrus Garganoid
pyrus siege
pyrus Tigrera
Pyrus helios
Darkus Percival

All of my bakugan for now All I repeat this is not all yet regulars like mantris are 380 gs all guardians 500 gs

x2 pyrus scorpion pyrus
x2 Darkus Hound***darkus
x2Grakas Hound***darkus
x2Leefram+++ Ventus
x2 darkus falcon fly
x2 metalfencer pyrus
all traps for now all of my traps are 340 gs not all traps I repeat not all traps

3X Pyrus Reactor-+200 for each Pyrus Bakugan
2x Darkus reactor +200 for each darkus bakugan
2X Ventus Reactor- +300 for Each Ventus Bakugan
1X Devour "Attribute"- Call out an Attribute, if the attribute matches one present on the field, ALL bakugan with this attribute have their power level drained to zero.
1X Land Pressure- Decrease the opponent's total G power by 1200G
1X Silent Land- Nullifies all abilities your opponent has active and renders the bakugan immobile (i.e. cannot activate any abilities that will make their G level higher than the opponents.)
1X Changelink Force- Reverses Opponents abilities. (i.e. An Increase of 200 becomes a decrease of 200)
1X Element Merge- This card transfers 400 G's from each of the opponent's standing bakugan and splits the G's among your standing bakugan.
1X Forcement Wind- Increase your bakugan by 100G's for each bakugan or trap with that same attribute on the field, including your bakugan. (i.e. lowest increase is 100G)

abilitie cards:
3X Boosted Dragon- Gives 200G's to one Dragonoid.

2X Marionette- If you have a Mantris on the field, choose 2 bakugan and do a coin toss for which will come onto the field in replace of your opponents bakugan.

x2 Cut in saber- bring tigrera onto the battleifield

2X Valiant Fang- Sword Green Destruction- Increase Ventus Storm Skyress by 400G's

x2 Dimension 4

x2 Double dimension

x1 Backfire- Make the gate card useless, once activated, if you are controlling a Pyrus Bakugan.

3X Tornado Pandemonium- Increase each of your Ventus bakugan by 200G's.

x2 Blow away

x2 Grand down

2X Blinding Spice- Allows a Darkus Bakugan to make your opponent immovable and prevent it from using any abilities, Special Abilities or Gate abilities.

1X Aero Dragon- Allows a Darkus Bakugan to increase by 400G's

x2 Maximum quazar

x2 burning dragon

x2 burst shield

x2 Darkus driver

x2 Tri gunner

Twin back x2

reflection boost x2

void stream x2

x2 burning tornado

Not done yet but I would like to start brawling with these Remember it says part 1

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Dan Kuso profile part 1(not done yet but would like to brawl iwth this for now)
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