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Welcome to the link between the two generations of Bakugan. 5 teams going at it for control of Vestroia and earth, proving themselves as being the Ultimate Controllers of Man and Beast. Prepare to answer the call to brawl!
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PLEASE MAKE YOUR BRAWLING PROFILES!!! If you do not know how to please go to Bakugan Statistics and Strategy Corner and Go to the Sticky: How to Create a Brawling Profile
AFTER you have made an approved Brawler profile, go look at the Bakugan Termination System Game under the Team Bases. Please go leave a comment saying which Attribute Squad you want to be in.
The ATTRIBUTE TOURNEY'S are OPEN for registration. Please leave a comment in the sign up topic to be registered. YOU MUST HAVE AN APPROVED PROFILE IN ORDER TO BRAWL.



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PostSubject: ILLEGAL CARD COMBOS   ILLEGAL CARD COMBOS EmptyThu Sep 03, 2009 9:52 pm

These moves below are banned from being used in the same battle with a certain amount of moves between activation. This will ensure that the opponent doesn't automatically win without you being able to do anything. If a brawler breaks this rule, they MUST change the move to obey these rules. If an opponent refuses to do so, they will lose the match automatically, and might have a side punishment such as BP deduction or temporary ban. DO NOT TEST ME. I want brawling to be fair and give everyone a chance to win. The true winner will be who plan thier moves the best and just doesnt put a wall between the opponent and victory. Give them a chance.

Combo: Breeding Shadows to bring in Hammersaur + Burst Core /Octo-Whip/ Any card that prevents abilities from being activated for the rest of the battle. You can use the Ability prevention card at least 3 posts in the battle after you activate Breeding shadows. This will give the opponent time to expect your move and counter it.

Reason: This makes the opponent have NO CHANCE of activating anything except a fusion. Hammersaur's ability stops a Fusion or Special and the Octo whip prevents everything else, so the opponent has no option and loses by a high margin for making no move.
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